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Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Nutrition for Perimenopause featured
Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

The progression of perimenopause to menopause is marked by declines in estrogen and progesterone that translate to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, anxiety and weight gain. This decline in estrogen has been shown to ...

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Health Optimization for Her featured
Sunday, Dec 26, 2021

How do we optimize health? Let’s start with some perspective. Western medicine practice is focused on diagnosing disease from symptoms, blood tests, physical exam, radiography, etc. This is important for very sick patients to understand their best treatments. However, these treatments are focused on the end of their health-disease trajectory ...

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why phenomx?
Sunday, Jan, 09, 2022

Perimenopause is the transitional time to menopause that can last 8-10 years before menstruation ceases. It is most common to start this transition in her 40s and end in her 50s. During this time, she may experience new and differen...

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Sex, Estrogen, and Chocolate
Saturday, Jan, 01, 2022

Our PhenomX headquarters is in Switzerland, where we have some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. With a chocolaterie in nearly every village and multiple in every city, living here has taught me a new appreciation for th...

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